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Kris "TANTO" Paronto
Kris Paronto “Tanto” is a former Army Ranger and private security contractor. His experience within the military and government contracting work spans 18 years. Kris is also an accomplished public speaker, author of The Ranger Way and The Patriot’s Creed, owner of Battleline Tactical, and host and partner of E3 Firearms Association.

Paronto uses his advanced knowledge and skillsets as a firearms and tactics instructor to train and motivate others. Kris has instructed civilians, law enforcement, current military and SWAT personnel in firearms and tactics ranging from beginner and advanced to dynamic stress fire training.

Kris’s experience and background elevate the E3 Firearms Association membership experience to help members be safe, confident and prepared as he consistently provides valuable information and tailored assistance for member needs.

Adam Painchaud
Adam Painchaud is one of the most highly regarded small unit tactics and advanced firearms instructors in America. He is Army Ranger and Airborne qualified. Adam is a retired senior non-commissioned officer and Special Agent with nearly 22 years experience in both active duty and reserves. He has completed federal investigations, as well as protective service missions worldwide including missions for the global war against terrorism. 

Adam has since transitioned to President and Co-Founder of E3 Firearms Association, as he continues to serve as a police detective and SWAT operator. Adam remains active, training agencies and civilians. He is dedicated to making a positive impact in the firearms community and in people’s lives. Adam is the driving force behind E3 Firearms Association.